Break Up Candle - Setting of Lights


The last 3 reviews for this candle burn have not actually been posted on the site so I'm not overly confident this one will be. 3 candles 1st and 3rd said successful 2nd unsuccessful - conflicting. they are now official as a couple and have been planning trips and are not even talking about moving in together. Seems clear these candles are not breaking them up. I had three lit in a row and am also unsure how the first was successful, the second was unsuccessful, and the third was successful.

Dr E Products - We have been waiting for the third "review" to post them all at once. An email was sent to the client informing her that each candle burns differently and not all will match, mainly due to circumstances not know to the petitioner.

We post all reviews, but will not post messages that have nothing to do with our products, however in this case we are posting them all at once to keep them in order for other customers to read.

Remember that prayers are not always answered how we want them, because what we want may not be the best thing for us.
Date Added: 07/22/2022