Break Up Candle - Setting of Lights


I have had a few of these candles lit to break up my ex and her new partner. I wanted to do one right after another to keep the candles strength going and to insure it would work. The first two candle reports both said they were successful. However they are still together. In fact they are heading in a trip together this coming weekend. The third candle report said it was unsuccessful which is confusing to me. How can two candles both say it was successful indicating a breakup (which didn't happen and if anything they become closer) and then a third candle say it was unsuccessful and they won't be breaking up? I have just purchased a 4th candle but it feels a bit odd to me to have two say they will break up and they clearly didn't. I only bought the third just to make sure it was extra strong and was very confused by the results not matching the previous two. I will update if they end up breaking up and once the 4th candle results are in. I'm trying to stay positive and hopeful that the breakup happens and the candles will work.

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Date Added: 07/10/2022