Lucky 777 Mojo Bag


It is with a heavy heart I give this mojo bag a 1-star rating, since I've had good results with other products from Dr. E. But despite "feeding" it with the mojo oil and doing the other things you're supposed to do, my luck is getting worse not better. At lottery I used to win $1, $2, maybe a free ticket on the scratch-offs, now not even that nor anything else. As far as general luck goes, my hours were cut abruptly at work, can't pay rent and will likely be homeless next month. Wish I'd saved that $50

Note from Dr. E Products: Sometimes other work is needed to clear a negative condition. In this case, after this review, the client was given Uncrossing and Cleansing information to assist them. A spiritual reading is indicated to clarify the situation. Mama E
Date Added: 06/20/2018 by C. C.