Love Me Now! Candle - Setting of Lights


Date Added: 06/20/2017 by D M
I want to say that this candle was working for me before I got the report. My boyfriend started acti

Date Added: 04/19/2017 by E s
The report that was given to me stated that the burn was "unsuccessful" the guy was...

Date Added: 11/01/2016 by C S
I had a negative burn report with this candle and never saw movement from my target.

Date Added: 08/13/2016 by R M
I ordered this candle when my guy and I were arguing, and I swear as soon as the candle was lit I sa

Date Added: 03/10/2016 by M C
> >Mama E I wanted to sincerely thank you for your detailed candle reports and taking the...

Date Added: 03/06/2016 by k r
I didn't get results sought BUT I have a clear idea per the reports why? I am appreciative!!

Date Added: 02/10/2016 by C M
I'm glad again with their work. It's s true that the report said that my wish won't be granted but i

Date Added: 09/25/2015 by J M
I ordered this setting of lights. During and after, the man I love began paying more attention to me

Date Added: 09/21/2015 by J H
Bought it Friday 09/18/15, then lit yesterday Sunday 09/20/15. Wow! Wow! It's manifesting quick. My

Date Added: 09/01/2015 by J G
just aft a week i receive the report,i believe the candle is manifesting...the target seems to text