Hot Foot Candle - Setting of Lights


Date Added: 11/04/2019 by A L
Very annoying meddlesome coworker was gone after having three hotfoot candles set at once.

Date Added: 11/04/2019 by M R
Brilliant candle. I had 3 candles set by this great team and the outcome was that this person would

Date Added: 08/22/2019 by L B
I lit this to get an annoying co-worker to leave me the heck alone. He is still annoying, but he is

Date Added: 01/31/2019 by E G
It worked!! I haven?t received the candle report yet. I ordered this with the breakup candle. I rece

Date Added: 07/02/2018 by M S
It worked! Girl I wanted to drive away from my workplace 1st lost her position as manager then left

Date Added: 05/16/2018 by M S
Target didn't quit the job but she lost her position and isn't manager anymore. Didn't work the way

Date Added: 05/06/2018 by A J
The first few days when the candle was lit, the target seemed like she was fighting back and trying

Date Added: 04/29/2018 by M H
I have some rude tenants that verbally abused us (well just one but the others cheered him on) and w

Date Added: 02/13/2018 by N O
Definitely works! enemy is slowly backing away from my family member! we can feel the peace already!

Date Added: 10/03/2017 by C S
I don't really know if this worked as it was someone I don't have real contact with. She was the...