Brass Star-Shaped Candle Holder (offertory size)


Our brass star-shaped candle holders are the perfect size for Offertory Candles or Household Candles. These stamped brass holders are great for setting up one or multiple candles on an altar for a Hoodoo Candle spell.

Brass Star-Shaped Candle Holder Uses:

  • Holding Offertory Candles
  • Holding Household Candles

Brass star-shaped Candle holder tips:

Squeeze the prongs on our brass star-shaped candle holders a bit so that they tightly hold an offertory candle. It's also a good idea to place them on top of a plate or tray so that as the wax runs off of the candle, it will be caught and not ruin your surface.

Don't forget to check out our affordable line of Offertory Candles in a multitude of colors for your convenience. This candle holder will not work with Jumbo Candles (9" by 1.5" candles)

Brass star-shaped candle holders are 1 inch tall by 2.75 inches wide

  • Brand: Dr. E. Products

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