Silver Dime - Leap Year (Mercury Dime)


A silver dime (also known as a mercury dime) is a rare American ten-cent coin that was minted between 1916 and 1945 made entirely of silver. Silver dimes are imprinted with the bust of a winged liberty on one side (reminiscent of the Roman god Mercury - thus the name "mercury dime") and are carried or used in mojo bags for good luck, or to draw money, or as a protective amulet against being cursed. Leap Year Silver Dimes are minted on a leap year and are attributed even more magical power for luck and protection.

Silver Dime - Leap Year Uses:

  • Good luck with gambling and other games of chance
  • Drawing money and prosperity
  • Protection against cursing

Silver Dime - Leap Year Spell Ideas:

Add a Leap Year Silver Dime, a Lucky Hand Root and a High John the Conqueror Root to a red flannel bag. Tie it off with 7 knots and dress it with Hoytt's Cologne. Carry it when gambling or playing lottery in order to have powerful luck and winnings.

For more information about Silver Dimes, visit Dr. E.'s Conjure Blog and read all about Silver Dimes.

Package contains one silver dime from a leap year. If you would like a silver dime minted from an ordinary year, purchase a Silver Dime (not leap year).

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