Court Case Root (Little John to Chew or "Chewing John")


Court Case Root (also known as Little John to Chew, Chewing John, or Galangal Root) is the premier curio to use when dealing with a court case or other legal struggle. Use Court Case Root to win a court case, to or to get the judge to favor your side in a legal battle.

Court Case Root Uses:

  • Winning a court case
  • Having the judge rule in your favor

Court Case Root Spell Ideas:

Carry a whole root along with some deerstongue and cascara sagrada in a red flannel bag when you appear in court to help the judge rule in your favor. An old hoodoo trick involves chewing up a court case root and spitting it out on the floor of the court room to win your case. We recommend boiling the root in sugar water for an hour to soften it up first if you decide to use that spell. While court case root is edible, (it is used in Thai cooking and is called Galangal Root) most rootwork curios are not - please be careful! Court Case Root, along with High John the Conqueror and Dixie John are considered the "Three Johns" used in hoodoo work for mastery, luck, love, money and domination.

Court Case Root is part of Dr. E. Products' line of Court Case Hoodoo Products. For ways to use Court Case Root, read Dr. E.'s blog article about High John the Conqueror and His Two Brothers, on The Conjure Blog.

This package includes one whole Court Case Root of small to medium size.

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