Crossing Spell Kit


Curse and jinx your enemies with ruin, loss, and sickness with Dr. E.'s Crossing Spell Kit. This powerful Crossing Spell Kit includes all of the items you need to craft a powerful hoodoo crossing candle spell to hex your enemies and cause them loss, sickness, unemployment, suffering and total misfortune. You'll need to have a photograph of your enemy in order to work this spell.

Crossing Hoodoo Spell Kit includes:

  • 1 black cross candle
  • 1 bottle of Crossing Oil
  • 1 packet of Crossing Powder
  • 1 packet of Uncrossing Herb Bath
  • 1 bottle of Fiery Wall of Protection Oil
  • Full instructions for performing a Crossing Hoodoo Candle Spell

Crossing Spell Kit Ideas:

Crossing is one of the unique magical technologies found in hoodoo. Crossing works by taking away a person's good luck, then turning each positive thing they have in their life upside down. It's akin to tying up someone's shoelaces in the middle of a marathon; they'll trip, smack their face into the pavement, shatter some teeth and be ruined for a long time. The Crossing Spell Kit is something that should be done only in the most dire of circumstances, when someone truly deserves it. You can't take this one back, so don't perform the Crossing Spell Kit on someone where you might regret doing it afterward.

The Crossing Hoodoo Spell Kit comes with complete instructions walking you step-by-step through a powerful candle spell that will destroy your enemy's luck and dismantle all of the good things they have going in their life. The Crossing Spell Kit is perfect for getting revenge against enemies, taking down someone that has wronged you, stopping someone that is hurting other people or attacking evil people with a dose of their own medicine.

To learn more about crossing visit The Conjure Doctor Blog where Dr. E. shares tips and ideas for using Crossing Products of all types.

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