Top Ten Hoodoo Oils Kit


The Top Ten Hoodoo Oils Kit includes ten of the most popular oils that our customers purchase. The Top Ten Hoodoo Oils include one oil for each of the most common hoodoo conditions a rootworker could encounter including: love, money, luck, and many others. When you purchase the Top Ten Hoodoo Oils Kit, you even receive a savings of $5 for purchasing all of these oils at once. The Top Ten Hoodoo Oils Kit is a great idea for someone who is starting out with rootwork/hoodoo and wants to be well-equipped for any possibility. All oils in the Top Ten Hoodoo Oil Kit are full-sized 15ml bottles.

Top Ten Hoodoo Oils Kit Includes:

  • True Love Oil: To draw love
  • Money Draw Oil: For drawing money
  • Fast Luck Oil: For getting good luck quickly!
  • Van Van Oil: For clearing away evil and bringing good luck
  • Fiery Wall of Protection Oil: For protection against curses, negativity and the evil eye
  • Reversing Oil: To defensively reverse evil back at its source
  • Crossing Oil: To curse your enemies with misfortune
  • Blessing Oil: To bless objects and people with God's graces
  • Command! Oil: To command, control and compel others
  • GTFO! Oil: To make pesky people go away

Top Ten Hoodoo Oils Kit Usage Ideas:

Use the Top Ten Hoodoo Oils Kit as the starter for your very own hoodoo practice. Combine together Command! Oil with other oils to create compelling blends. For example, Command! Oil + True Love Oil = a compelling love blend to make a specific person love you, or Command! Oil + Money Draw Oil = a compelling blend to make someone pay you when they owe you money. Cleanse yourself by anointing a black and white double action candle with Van Van Oil on the black part (to drive away evil) and Fiery Wall of Protection Oil on the white part (to invoke protective blessings after the cleansing. Burn it starting at the black end, and ending with the white part so that the evil is removed first, then the protective wall of God's energy is put up at the end. Try using GTFO! Oil paired with Crossing Oil to afflict your enemies with sickness, misfortune, job loss, loss of love and then drive them out of town and out of your life forever.

For more ways to use the Top Ten Hoodoo Oils Kit visit The Conjure Doctor Blog where Dr. E. has posted ideas and ways to use various hoodoo condition oils in hoodoo spells.

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