Talk to Me Mojo Bag


Talk to Me Mojo Bag uses the power of commanding and controlling herbs like calamus along with deerstongue to make someone communicate with you. A Talk to Me Mojo Bag is great for getting someone to break the silent treatment, communicate with you more consistently and to keep communication strong between two people. This hand-made charm is blessed and charged by us. This Mojo works best with a focused intent upon a single specific target that you should name in your petition.


Talk to Me Mojo Bag Uses:

  • Make someone talk to you
  • Promote good communication
  • Make a person call, write or speak with you

Talk to Me Mojo Bag Spell Ideas:

If you have an ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend who you want to get back in touch with, carry a Talk to Me Mojo Bag and squeeze it daily, telling the mojo bag by name to make your ex reach out and communicate with you. Carry a Talk to Me Mojo Bag if you want to improve communication between you and a friend, or between you and your partner. A Talk to Me Mojo Bag is great for breaking the silent treatment or for commanding someone to talk to you when they refuse to return your calls or see you.

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Talk To Me Mojo Bag is part of Dr. E. Products' line of Talk To Me Hoodoo Products. Follow this link to learn more about Talk To Me Hoodoo Products and Talk To Me Hoodoo Spells.

  • Brand: Dr. E. Products

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