True Love Herb Bath


True Love Herb Bath contains rose, patchouli and other herbs known for their effective love-drawing abilities. Use True Love Herb Bath as a personal bath prior to love magic work, dates or romantic evenings. Or, use True Love Herb Bath as a floor wash to draw your perfect mate into your home and into your life.

True Love Herb Bath Uses:

  • Bring a mate into your life
  • Find true love
  • Attract a perfect mate

True Love Spell Ideas:

Take a True Love Herb Bath before going to a social event to increase your chances of meeting a perfect mate and making a romantic connection. Use True Love Herb Bath prior to any love spells to increase your magical ability to attract love and make your spell more successful. True Love Herb Bath can also be used as a sprinkle in love spells by sprinkling it in a heart shape around the candles you are burning for love. True Love Herb Bath is a versatile tool to bring a perfect mate into your life for a serious committed relationship.

Read about how to effectively perform magical baths - step by step - at the Conjure Doctor Blog!

  • Brand: Dr. E. Products

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