Hoyt's Cologne 3/4 oz (Small bottle)


Hoyt's Cologne is a traditional cologne used in conjure and hoodoo for dressing mojo bags, gambling luck and for success. Hoyt's Cologne has been used for generations by gamblers for good luck, used to feed mojo bags to keep them strong and to draw in love, money and other positive influences.

Hoyt's Cologne Uses:

  • Gambling luck
  • Feeding mojo bags
  • Drawing money
  • Drawing love

Hoyt's Cologne Ideas:

To keep your mojo bag strong, feed it Hoyt's Cologne by dabbing a bit on the side once a week. Put a bit of High John the Conqueror Root and Bo'Hog Root in a bottle of Hoyt's Cologne and wear it to draw the love of a woman. Rub some Hoyt's Cologne and Five-finger Grass between your hands before shooting dice for good luck. Wash a large lodestone with Hoyt's Cologne, name it, dress it with Money Draw Oil, then place it in a dish on top of a $100 bill. Feed the lodestone a pinch of Magnetic Sand once a day to keep a steady stream of money coming into your life.

For more information on Hoyt's Cologne and other traditional perfumes and colognes used in conjure, visit The Conjure Blog, where Dr. E. shares insights on his rootwork practice.

Package size: 0.75 fluid ounce glass bottle

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