Hoodoo Bone Reading Set


Reading Bones or "Throwing the Bones" is one of the oldest techniques for divination. This set of bones for reading includes animal bones and other items like nuts, shells and charms, all used in this shamanic style of hoodoo bone reading. Hoodoo bone reading assigns meaning to the various items in a bone set according to the behavior of the animal from which it originates and the part of that animal's body that it comes from. Additionally, any items that have personal significance can be added to the set, like pieces of jewelry, keys, coins, etc., and the assigned meaning reflects a personal memory of the bone reader.

Hoodoo Bone Reading Set Includes:

  • Vintage skeleton key
  • Bone dice bead
  • China doll arm
  • Buckeye nut
  • Whole nutmeg
  • Mini abalone shell
  • Alligator foot
  • Alligator tooth
  • Dog ankle bone
  • Cat's eye shell
  • Cowrie shell
  • Coyote claw
  • Raccoon penis bone
  • Rattlesnake vertebra
  • Snake rib
  • Unbleached muslin bag

Throwing the Bones:

To be perfectly clear there is no "one right way" to interpret the bones. In a Sangoma-style bone reading, each bone has a significance that only the bone reader knows. Often the meaning of that bone is established between the reader and his/her spirits. The bones are typically held in the reader's hands and prayed over with petitions to the ancestors and guiding spirits for clarity on a particular issue. The bones are usually read by tossing them onto a mat, animal skin or white cloth that is on the ground. The bones can be interpreted by their proximity to one another, how they fall on top of one another, or the shapes they make relative to one another. Some readers consider the bones closest to them to indicate the past, while those furthest away from the reader indicate what comes in the future. There are no set rules, however, and the reader can flex and shift the style of their reading with each cast.

ConjureDoctor.com carries the Lucky Mojo Brand - Hoodoo Bone Reading Set.

For more information about how to read the bones, and different styles of bone readings, check out Throwing the Bones by Catherine Yronwode, a thorough, 96-page paperback book covering Sangoma-Style Bone Reading along with many other bone reading, domino reading and shell reading techniques.

  • Brand: Lucky Mojo

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