Florida Water 7.5 oz (glass bottle)


Florida Water is a floral-scented cologne with notes of citrus, lavender and clove that is frequently used for spiritual cleansing and drawing spirits of the dead. Florida Water is commonly used by spiritualist mediums to enhance communication with spirits of the dead in the traditions of Espiritismo Cruzado and Santeria. It has recently come into use by some hoodoo rootworkers as a way of cleansing items like altars and candles, or for use in hands-on spiritual cleansing of the body.

Florida Water Uses:

  • Cleansing away negativity
  • Drawing spirits of the dead
  • Offerings to spirits
  • Hands-on cleansing of the body

Florida Water Spell Ideas:

Splash some Florida Water on your altar when you cleanse it to energetically wipe the slate clean and cleanse away any negativity after performing curse work. Add some Florida Water to some holy blessed water and sprinkle it around the house with a bundle of fresh basil and rosemary sprigs to draw in blessings to your home and attract positive spirits. Splash some Florida Water on your hands and quickly pass your hands over your body from your head down to your feet to scoop up negativity, then fling it at a spiritual altar (like an ancestral altar) to hand that negativity off to your spirits for them to dispose of it; cleansing you of evil and refreshing your body. It is common for spiritualist mediums that practice Espiritismo to have a bowl of water, holy water, a bit of laundry blueing and a hefty splash of Florida Water on the floor beneath their ancestral altars (bóveda). This draws positive spirits and helps act as an energetic sink to cleanse away any negative vibrations.

For more information on Florida Water and other perfumes and colognes used in conjure, visit The Conjure Blog, where Dr. E. shares insights on his rootwork practice.

Package size: 7.5 fluid ounce glass bottle

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