Break Up Herb Bath


Lemon peels, red chilies, and other powerful herbs come together in Break Up Herb Bath to separate couples and break up noxious relationships. Important: this herb bath is not intended for breaking up marriages where there is a holy covenant in place. Beware. This a good choice to drive people away from each other without cursing either party. This Hoodoo Herb Bath intends to drive away the "other woman" or "other man", split up a toxic friendship or break up a detrimental business relationship. If you want to break up and cut away from emotional ties of your own lover, see our Cut Away Line of Hoodoo products

Important: This herb bath isn't intended to be used on yourself. Instead, follow the directions below to use as a floor wash, spiritual spray mist or other use where your target will come in contact with the herbs. Make a tea and add it to the wash of your target's clothes, add it to their shampoo and more.

Break Up Herb Bath Uses:

  • Break up illicit relationships
  • Destroy friendships
  • Break up business relationships

Break Up Herb Bath Spell Ideas:

Use this herb bath to split up relationships, romantic and otherwise. Prepare a tea with a packet of Break Up Herb Bath. Strain the liquid and put it in a spray bottle. Spray the area where your enemy will sit, walk, or work. You can also use the Break Up Herb Bath as a candle dressing. Carve your target's name on 2 purple candles. Dress the candles with Break Up Oil and sprinkle it with Break Up Herb Bath. Burn these closely together on top of a photo of your targets and every 10 minutes or so, move the candles away from each other slightly until the candles have taken about 5 steps. Let the candles burn down (using common sense fire safety).  When the candles are finished burning, bury the spell remains in the ground where your targets will likely walk over it or past it.  You can even place it deep inside their desk drawer where they will not discover it or in another place where it can be hidden without detection.

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Package size: Approximately 1 oz.

  • Brand: Dr. E. Products

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