Boss Fix Herb Bath


Get your boss off your back with this controlling blend of licorice, high john the conqueror and other powerful commanding herbs. As an Herb Bath, this is the perfect way to influence your boss to see things your way. Boss Fix Herb Bath can also be used in conjunction with Boss Fix Powder and Boss Fix Mojo Bag. The possibilities are endless.

Uses for Boss Fix Powder:

  • Get your boss of your back
  • Gain the favor of your boss or supervisor
  • Command a supervisor to do as you wish

Boss Fix Herb Bath Spell Ideas:

To assist you with influence or control over your boss, take a bath with Boss Fix Herb Bath before performing any spells to increase it's duration and effect. Take a Boss Fix Herb Bath before an important presentation or meeting where you will be speaking and he will be influenced by your magic, side with you and do right by you.

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  • Brand: Dr. E. Products

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