Evil BEGONE! Herb Bath


Eucalyptus and other cleansing herbs give their power to Evil BEGONE! Herb Bath. Evil BEGONE! Herb Bath (Dr. E.'s version of Run Devil Run) is great for driving away dark influences, conquering bad habits, or for dismantling a nasty trick that you touched. Evil BEGONE! Herb Bath is the perfect tool for breaking addictions and bad habits too.

Evil BEGONE! Herb Bath Uses:

  • Counteract curses and harmful tricks
  • Neutralize the effects of harmful powders or items that you have touched
  • Conquer negative habits, addictions and influences

Evil BEGONE! Herb Bath Spell Ideas:

If you have walked over cursing powders or touched an item that has been dressed with harmful magical powders, immediately brew up a batch of Evil BEGONE! Herb Bath, and use it to take a magical bath. Make sure to focus on the area of the body that touched the powders (for example, wash your feet well with Evil BEGONE! Herb Bath if you walked over Hot Foot Powder). You can also do a series of 9 baths starting on a Sunday morning (1 bath per day) using Evil BEGONE! Herb Bath while you are breaking an addiction, or working on overcoming a bad habit. Evil BEGONE! Herb Bath can also be used to mop down a doorstep where someone has sprinkled cursing powders to neutralize the curse and chase that devilish influence away!

For suggested ways to use Evil BEGONE! Herb Baths, visit Dr. E.'s The Conjure Doctor Blog.

Evil BEGONE! Herb Bath is part of Dr. E. Products' line of Evil BEGONE! Products. Learn more about Evil BEGONE! Herb Bath and read other spell ideas on the Evil BEGONE! Hoodoo Products Page.

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