Love's Fire Herb Bath


Love's Fire Herb Bath's special blend of love and passion herbs stokes the fires of a relationship that has lost its passionate spark. Love's Fire Herb Bath is a great tool for bringing sex back into relationships that has gone cold and with maintaining the sexual passion in existing relationships.

Love's Fire Herb Bath Uses:

  • Rekindle passion in a cold relationship
  • Maintain passion in a marriage

Love's Fire Herb Bath Spell Ideas:

Take a bath with Love's Fire Herb Bath before a date night with your spouse to stoke the fires of passion and have the evening end with a hot sexual romp together. Sprinkle Love's Fire Herb Bath's dried herbs in a heart shape around red candles dressed with Love's Fire Oil and burn them on top of a photo of you and your spouse together to stoke the fires of love in your relationship and ignite the passion in a cold relationship.

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  • Brand: Dr. E. Products

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