Command! Herb Bath


Command and dominate people to do your bidding with Command! Herb Bath. Controlling and commanding herbs like calamus and licorice lend Command! Herb Bath it's power to dominate, control and force anyone to do as you wish. Command! Herb Bath is perfect for use before meetings or encounters where you will be ordering people to do as you wish.

Command! Herb Bath Uses:

  • Command someone to act
  • Dominate someone's will
  • Compel someone to do as you wish

Commanding Spell Ideas:

Bathe with Command! Herb Bath before meeting with someone you want to dominate so that they will do as you command. Use Command! Herb Bath before casting a Commanding Spell to amplify your own power and ability to command the universe! Ring purple candles with Command! Herb Bath and burn them down on top of a photo of your target with your demands written across their face. They will do as you command.

Command! Herb Bath is part of Dr. E. Products' line of Command! Hoodoo Products. Learn more about Command! Hoodoo Products and read other spells ideas on the Command! Products Page.

  • Brand: Dr. E. Products

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