Holy Oil


Holy Oil is a blend of frankincense, benzoin and sacred spices, based on the biblical anointing oil described in the Old Testament. It makes a fantastic ritual oil for any kind of magical or ceremonial work, for blessing a baby or a home, or for blessing objects with holy power.

Holy Oil Uses

  • Blessing objects with holy power
  • Blessing a sick person, a home, or a baby to keep them safe
  • Ritual anointing in ceremonies

Holy Spell Ideas

Dress a rosary with Holy Oil before praying it to imbue it with holy power and enhance your prayers. Dress the four corners of a sick person's bed with Holy Oil to fend off the spirit of death and help the sick person recover. Anoint yourself with Holy Oil on your wrists, behind each ear, over your heart, and on the bottom of each foot before participating in a ritual to bless yourself and keep you in God's graces.

For more blessing and holy spell ideas, visit The Conjure Blog.

Bottle size: 1/2 ounce

  • Brand: Dr. E. Products

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