Break Up Oil


Lemon peels, red chilies, and other powerful herbs come together in Break Up Oil to separate couples and break up noxious relationships. Important: this product is not intended for breaking up marriages where there is a holy covenant in place. Beware. This a good choice to drive people away from each other without cursing either party. This Hoodoo Oil intends to drive away the "other woman" or " other man", split up a toxic friendship or break up a detrimental business relationship. If you want to break up and cut away from emotional ties of your own lover, see our Cut Away Line of Hoodoo products

Break Up Oil Uses:

  • Break up illicit relationships
  • Destroy friendships
  • Break up business relationships

Break Up oil Spell Ideas:

Take a photo of a couple you wish to break up and rip it in half to separate the two people. Dab Break Up Oil on the faces of the photos in a five-spot pattern, and place the two photos back to back. Cut a lemon in half lengthwise and place the photos inside the lemon. Dress the lemon with Break Up Oil and use 9 thin nails to hold it shut. Wrap black thread around the lemon while cursing the couple to break out in fights and flare in anger until they separate from one another. Let the lemon dry on your window sill until it shrivels up. So shall their love for one another sour and dry up. Dispose of the lemon once it has dried by hiding it in a hole of a tree where no one will find it. For Break Up spell ideas, visit The Conjure Blog!

Bottle size: 1/2 ounce


  • Brand: Dr. E. Products

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