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Rootwork Consultation

IT WORKS! Just don't sabotage all the work Dr. E does in your behalf! My world seemed to have ended with my ex, but within a week we started talking about what we wanted and he even spent the night. I over reacted and panicked instead of taking it slow like Dr. E had suggested. I'm so elated with the current updates and extremely grateful to have found Dr. E. Our encounter was due to someone else passing as the real deal. I wasn't too sure of them and it was confirmed when I got pictures for my supposed work that actually belong to Dr. E! Thank God for guiding me to you! In what felt like my darkest hour, Dr. E, you shined a light to help me reach. THANK YOU FOR LISTENING TO THIS NUT! Thank you for all the emotional support and guidance. In you I have found the friend I've sought through this ordeal. I can only hope and pray for the very best in you life cause you deserve nothing less. You will always have a place in my heart. Ever so humbly yours...
Date Added: 02/17/2010 by D. C.