Saint Expedite Oil


Cinnamon, frankincense and other herbs for speedy luck come together in this beautiful oil dedicated to Saint Expedite. Saint Expedite Oil is made for petitioning Saint Expedite for fast results in desperate times. But remember, you should only petition Saint Expedite with things you need, not with things that would be nice to have in your life.

Saint Expedite Oil Uses

  • Petitioning Saint Expedite for assistance
  • Asking for fast help in desperate times

Saint Expedite Spell Ideas:

Put a few drops of Saint Expedite Oil on a red glass-encased vigil candle and pray to Saint Expedite for your needs. Remember to promise him his "just payment" of a slice of pound cake and a glass of water once he accomplishes your request (but not before!) Don't ever petition this Saint Expedite for any harmful nor for things that are not a desperate need in your life.)

To learn more about Saint Expedite visit the Conjure Blog.

Bottle size: 1/2 ounce

  • Brand: Dr. E. Products

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This product was added to our catalog on Thursday 24 February, 2011.

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