Crossing Powder


Crossing Powder combines vandal root, black pepper and other jinxing herbs to cross up your enemy and ruin their life. Sprinkle Crossing Powder in a person's tracks to trip up their life and bring them misfortune. Dust cards that you mail to your enemies with Crossing Powder to curse them with devastating results the moment they open the envelope. Dress black candles with Crossing Oil and dust them with Crossing Powder to double cross them and utterly ruin their health, wealth or any blessings they might have.

Crossing Powder Uses:

  • Jinxing your enemy so all their efforts fail
  • Cursing your enemy with sickness, poverty or job loss
  • Destroying your enemy's relationships and causing them total bad luck

Crossing Spell Ideas:

Powders are a powerful way to attack your enemies with curses, jinxes and total misfortune in sneaky, undetectable ways. Sprinkle Crossing Powder into home-cooked food that you feed to your enemies to make them sick, destroy their health and powerfully curse them from the inside out. Place one of your enemy's personal concerns (like hair, blood, sweaty used clothes, a signature sample or a photo) into a jar, fill it with 9 pins, 9 needles, 9 nails, Crossing Powder and red chili flakes. Cap the jar and shake it daily as you curse out your enemy to cause them sickness, poverty, break up their relationships, make them lose their friends and job. Dust black candles with Crossing Powder to curse your enemy and make them fail in everything they do.

Make sure to buy some Uncrossing Herb Bath to cleanse yourself after handling this powder. It's powerful and extremely negative, so you'll want to clean up after you're done.

For more ideas on how to use Crossing Powder, visit The Conjure Blog.

Package size: Approximately 1 oz.

  • Brand: Dr. E. Products

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